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SEM Driving School Services

Professional Driving Lessons


Learner Drivers

We are accredited with Certificate IV Driver Instruction and experienced with delivering training to learners of all age groups and backgrounds. We support our learners to develop safe driving habits and good road sense.


Overseas Drivers

If you are new to the country and carry an overseas driver licence that is not in English, then don’t worry! We will show you the right path to becoming a registered Victorian licence holder.

  • Refresher driving lessons
  • Learner and logbook training
  • Driving test and test preparation
  • Overseas licence conversion
  • Our instructors pick you up from your place and drop you off
  • Or pick you up from you closest train station and drop back
  • Theoretical driving lesson according road rules materials such as roads’ map, diagrams, etc
  • At end of each driving lesson our expert team will explain to you about your weakness and strength provide you written feedback.
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